Looking to plan your next break? Pinterest has you covered.

With over four million travel ideas online, the team has browsed through their site to bring you the travel trends that are set to be huge in 2018. 

Below, we’ve picked out the 10 we’re most excited about. Get ready to plan your next vacay… 

Long weekends 

It’s a fact: we’re a time-poor nation and if we can avoid using up our holiday allowance all in one go, we will. This is perhaps why searches for long weekends are up 167%.

Book two days either side of a weekend and experience everything Europe has to offer. It is right on our doorstep, after all. 

Solo travel

Many thought it would be a fad movement, but solo travel has persevered over the years and is only increasing in popularity.

People are waiting for family, friends and significant others less and less and, instead, are choosing to go out on the open road alone. We’re all for it. 

Small town destinations 

Probably the trend we’re most excited about on this list, searches for small town destinations are up 94% and we can understand why. Off-the-beaten track travel and visiting hidden destinations sans crowds is always the best, isn’t it?

Eco-friendly hotels

Searches for eco-friendly hotels are up a whopping 125% but that’s not wholly surprising what with the huge increase in awareness of environmental issues and climate change in recent years. Now, some of the most luxury hotels are eco-friendly, like the incredible Cuixmala in Mexico and Amangiri in Utah.

Let’s just hope they all go this way, hey. 

Wine Trips

Who wouldn’t want to head to California’s Napa Valley, New Zealand’s Marlborough or South Africa’s Stellenbosch and spend their holiday touring vineyards and drinking bottles of some of the world’s finest wine? Count us in. 


You probably already know that river cruises are becoming a major thing, but searches are up on all kinds of boating by 135% this year.

From sailing to yachting and kayaking, all you have to do is choose the way you want to cruise.

Train travel

Trains are now more luxurious than ever.

You can travel through so many incredible places from Peru to Moscow, Cape Town to Venice, all while dining like a king and staying in hotel-level cabins these days.

Little wond.er then, that search is up 136%. 

Art Tours

Calling all culture vultures, art tours are set to be hot this year. Wanting to experience more on holiday than golden sands and sun loungers, 84% more of Pinterest’s users are seeking out street art and museum trips in the likes of Berlin, Montreal and Athens. 

Film Locations

Want to visit the set of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings? You’re not alone. Search for destinations based on filming locations are up 196%. 

Bike Tours

If you like the idea of adventure holiday or just a little light activity, biking tours are a great way to tick either box.

You can find them anywhere now from Taiwan to Madagascar, South Korea to The Azores. 


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