3 Ways To Look And Feel Fresh After A Long- Haul Flight

It’s not easy looking your best or even close to your best at 40,000 feet

Apart from the much dreaded act of packing, there are a few other issues that often leave people feeling troubled before, during and after a long-haul flight. One of the more pertinent issues is definitely the way one looks and feels after getting off a plane after several hours spent in a closed cabin with controlled climate and air temperature. Here’s the thing – it’s not easy looking your best or even close to your best at 40,000 feet. Thanks to the air pressure there and all the dehydration your body will probably experience, you are likely to end up with dry skin and messy, knotted hair. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you look and feel fresh before you get off that plane.

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Here are a few ways to feel fresh after a long haul flight.

1. Go bare-faced

This may sound counter-intuitive to some who enjoy wearing makeup and see it as a tool to cover up any blemishes or uneven patches on the skin; but wearing too much makeup for long hours on a flight can actually lead to breakouts. To look fresh faced when you land, make sure that you board the flight without any makeup. Wearing makeup as you would on a regular day while travelling by air can actually lead to your pores getting clogged thanks to the airtight cabin and additional air pressure.

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your home without any makeup at all, stick to the bare minimum. Make sure to hydrate your skin well with a nourishing moisturiser and limit your makeup to some concealer, tinted lip balm and water-proof mascara.

2. Avoid eating salty food

Eating a heavy breakfast at one of the fast food restaurants at the airport can seem tempting, but it might not be the best idea. Fast food is laden with sodium – and sodium can have a dehydrating effect. Air travel already dehydrates your body and interferes with your circulation. So eating food high in sodium content just before travelling will just push that further. Ever noticed how your hands, feet and sometimes even your face swells up on a long flight? You might have sodium and lack of water to blame.

3. Get some sleep

On a long haul flight, remember that sleep is your friend. Skip that movie marathon you might have in mind and try and get some sleep instead. Use a comfortable blackout mask to signal to your neighbours that it’s shut-eye time, and then rest up. Not getting any sleep on a long flight will leave you feeling groggy when you finally arrive at your destination. Not only will you waste time catching up on sleep after landing, but you’ll also have a bad case of the puffy eyes.


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