God of War (PlayStation 4) has been a massive success. We are hearing praises for the game from all the corners, the critics are enjoying it and the gaming community is enjoying it. In this post, I am not going to discuss the God of War (PS4) sales and success, but instead, take a look at some of the NEAT Tips that every God of War (PS4) player must know. So let’s get started without any further ado.

God of War (PS4) - 4 Handy Tips That Every Player Must Know

4 Handy Tips And Tricks

How To Turn Rage Mode OFF And Save Meter

  • Yes, this is very much possible in God of War (PS4). In order to Turn OFF the Rage Mode and save meter you just have to press R3 + L3 again.

Fast Travel

  • When using the gateway to Fast Travel in God of War (PS4), you don’t have to run laps i.e. don’t have to walk around the ring to get to the door, [Fun Fact] it’s just a loading screen. You can sit still and the door will open in front of you once the loading screen is loaded.

Stone Doors Heal

  • Activating the Travel Stone Doors and then closing the map will still fully heals you even if you don’t travel.

How To Get More Reaper/Brutal Finishes

  • If you manage to time Atreus’s Arrow Strikes with the first three AXE Strikes of your combo then you will increase stunlock and damage which will result into more brutal finishes.

These are our 4 Neat Tips and Tricks that every God of War (PS4) players must know. Are you aware of any more interesting tips and tricks like this? If YES then share it with us in the comment section below. We will update this post with it (credit will be provided to it). For more interesting God of War (PS4) guides like this check out our Wiki Page – it carries complete Story Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks, How-To guides and many more things.

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