Looking to get away this summer but not so much into the planning required to execute a bucket list-worthy trip? We’ve rounded up four superb tours organized by the jet-setting folks over at Travelers Society for your consideration.


The Turkic states of Central Asia are famous for their legendary hospitality and offer boundless opportunities for adventure and discovery. Incredibly remote but also compact and navigable, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in particular boast staggeringly beautiful natural landscapes, a fascinating and vibrant Silk Road history, the gritty charm of a post-Soviet legacy and proud, irresistible culinary traditions, all against a rich and varied backdrop of extraordinary ethnic diversity. 


This 12-day midsummer tourist package presents a well-curated ramble through the region at its finest. Enjoy horse trekking though the Kyrgyz Alps, stay overnight in the traditional yurts of nomadic herders, revel in the bevy of ancient relics that dot the mountainous landscape, feast your eyes on unparalleled specimens of Islamic architecture and your belly on delicious Central Asian treats. 

Dates: July 5-16
Cost: RMB10,999 
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Weekend adventurers will love this high-energy, fast-paced traipse through the verdant hills of the East China countryside. A short drive from Shanghai, a wonderland of outdoor fun awaits adrenaline-seeking travelers and nature-loving city-dwellers alike. Enjoy a picnic by a pristine lake, a thrilling bout of white-water rafting, a refreshing swim in cool, clean waters, an exhilarating, high-speed zip-lining experience, a peaceful hike through sublime bamboo forests and wholesome, vegetarian-friendly country cooking – all with the worldly comforts of hotel living close at hand. This affordable and restorative getaway is the perfect short-term jaunt to catch some well-deserved midsummer jollies.

Dates: June 29 – July 1
Cost: RMB949
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For all the heavy impact that the weight of human civilization leaves on the planet, it’s amazing to contemplate how quickly nature can manage to reclaim the earth when given the opportunity. The mystical quietude of Gouqi Island, an abandoned and overgrown former fishing community just off the shores of Shanghai’s seething metropolis, is a case study in what transpires when humans simply vanish. 


This Dragon Boat Festival, take a boat ride back in time and discover the otherworldly silence of this forsaken settlement. In three short days, visitors can picnic upon the bobbing waves of the island’s picturesque harbor, gorge on beachside seafood beside roaring bonfires in the evenings and scramble atop Gouqi’s stately hills and cliffs, all while breathing deeply from unspoiled ocean air and indulgent seaside calm.

Dates: June 16-18 (Dragon Boat Festival)
Cost: RMB2,399 
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If you’ve ever wanted to camp in the shadow of an ancient volcano, this trip is for you. A multi-day guided trek through the forested East China backcountry, this overland ramble will take intrepid hikers through forested valleys, ancient villages, bamboo-covered hillsides, terraced fields and a Buddhist temple. Handmade straw sandals will be provided for fording shallow streams, and those who don’t have their own can rent backpacks and camping gear. 


Cool down in gloriously swimmable lake water in the afternoon and enjoy crackling campfires and a restorative BBQ feast in the evening. Though vigorous, the hiking level is fairly approachable and porters can be hired for those who prefer not to carry their own loads. 

Dates: June 16-18 (Dragon Boat Festival)
Cost: RMB999
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[Images via DAVID HOLT/Wikimedia Commons, Kamimoku International Village/Wikimedia Commons, Wu Jianxiong/Wikimedia Commons, The Travelers Society] 


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