Are you unsure of what content to add to your website? Well, this is the perfect article for you. Here we’re going to tackle a few ideas for pages and content to add to your website.

Agent Studio, the preferred website solution for travel agents, is a great place to start. Agent Studio websites come filled with integrated content that keeps your customers on your website. You don’t need to link them off to other websites for informative travel content.

Nevertheless, there is more content that you can add to your website to tell your customers a little more about yourself. It will also help with driving new customers to your website.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Slideshow screenshot
Agent Studio’s website slideshow

Start With the Homepage

Every few months it is worthwhile to revamp your homepage a bit! With Agent Studio’s Elite subscription, you can go nuts on your homepage. This is the first page most people see, so make sure there is spectacular imagery to draw them in. For example, a slideshow of great vacation destinations may do the trick.

Or actual customer vacation pictures (be discerning when choosing customer pictures, you want images that grab attention). You’ll also want to keep the text short and clear on the homepage and direct visitors to where they can read more. If you have an Agent Studio website, you could link to some of the content that already comes with your website. Finally, make sure your menu isn’t too cluttered with nonsense- nest pages under tabs to keep things clean and organized.

About page screenshot
Every website should have an About page

Are Your Main Pages Tackled?

Every website should have two key pages: About and Contact. These are your most essential pages because they provide information about who you are and how to get a hold of you.

Traditionally, the about page should be listed after home and the contact should be the last item in the menu bar. Why? Simply put, it’s good user design because people have become accustomed to this structure. Agent Studio users don’t have to worry about the Contact page, it’s taken care of, so you can focus on your About page.

Vacation Packages screenshot
Agent Studio’s Vacation options

What About Inbetween?

The pages between about and contact on your menu bar should do all the selling for you. Limit yourself to three pages that clearly show off the different offerings you have. Some page ideas include:

Vacation Packages: Tell them all about the different sorts of packages you offer from family vacations to weekend getaways! Agent Studio website comes filled with this type of content and more, so you don’t have to worry about this either.

Your Niche: It’s always great to have a niche page if you specialize in something!

Cruises: Cruise Booking Engine anybody? Agent Studio has you covered!

Why Use a Travel Agent: Many people don’t understand the benefits of using a travel agent. So, convince them with a dedicated page that taps into all the aspects of travel that you plan on handling.

Destinations: Show off a cool map on this page with all the destinations you have sent clients to before and places that you also sell. Again, Agent Studio websites have you covered with over 600 destination guides available with on every website.

Itinerary Examples: Give future clients an idea of where they can go and what they can do on their next vacation. The integrated Itinerary Builder by Travefy, that Agent Studio offers, will make creating and adding itineraries to your website relatively easy.

Customer Reviews: Nothing is better than having references! A page with quotes from happy customers not only makes you seem legitimate, but it also enhances customers’ trust in you.

Blog screenshot
A blog is a great way to promote your website

What About a Blog?

Absolutely! If you have time to dedicate to posting frequently, a blog is a great way to promote your website. Posting those blogs to social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest can also increase traffic to your website. Consider blogging a form of free advertising.

Here are some blog ideas if you’re interested in giving it a try:

— Dedicated blog about a trip you took from start to finish

— Advice for first-time travelers

— Why destination weddings are the best kind of weddings

— Top 10 places to go with your family for the holidays

— What to pack when you’re going on a long trip

— How travel agents do the hard work for you

There are so many great things to blog about and this gives you a way to free up pages and focus in on other topics in a contained space that doesn’t distract from the important parts of your website. An integrated blog is available with every Agent Studio Elite subscription.

Remember, make sure all roads lead back to you! This is why every piece of content Agent Studio provides features a “Request A Quote” button. Do the same when you’re adding your personalized content by linking to your contact page.

Don’t forget, content is key when selling travel!


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