Photography gives Vyshakh a clearer ‘picture’ of his life and the photographer dreams to travel the world with his camera.

Vyshakh’s life took a happy turn when he decided to stop being reserved. He says the day he decided to go on a trip with friends is when he discovered a new spirit in his life. “Travelling is beneficial in a variety of ways. Some people find travelling relaxing and some people travel for inspiration. As long as you get fulfillment from travelling, there is no right or wrong reason to travel. But travelling helped me find the person inside me. When I started photography, it gave me a clearer ‘picture’ of my life.”

Youngsters on a day out at Agrasen Ki Baoli.

An auto-rickshaw driver awaits a ride.An auto-rickshaw driver awaits a ride.

The growth of social media has really helped aspiring photographers like him, feels Vyshakh. For him, this is not a profession but a passion. The profit he gets from his passion is zero. “For an amateur photographer like me, it’s easier to show my talent through social media,” he says. As his passion for photography increased, it made him an ardent traveller too. By focusing on culture, landscape and portrait photography, he travels a lot to explore places and people. Meeting people and sharing ideas are the greatest rewards of his passion. 

A view of Humayun’s tomb in Delhi.A view of Humayun’s tomb in Delhi.

Men indulge in a chit-chat at one of the doors of Agra Fort.Men indulge in a chit-chat at one of the doors of Agra Fort.

Thanks to these experiences, he has also grown as a person. “I used to be a reserved person and it was difficult for me to meet people. But I am a whole new person now,” he says.  The last three years of travelling around India and taking photos have enhanced his experience. 

An isolated corridor at the Agra railway station.An isolated corridor at the Agra railway station.


A boat tied to the shore at Kadamakudy Island in Kerala.A boat tied to the shore at Kadamakudy Island in Kerala.

“I am more of a photographer than a traveller now. When I discovered I have an eye for photography, I started asking for tips from my photographer friends, whose professional advice helped me a lot. Now I use a Canon 80D camera. It is more than a camera; it has become a part of my life.” 

Vyshak always wanted to be a full-time photographer. Though he hasn’t started doing commissioned works, he would like to make it big in his profession one day. His biggest dream is to travel around the world and capture it on his camera. Born and raised in Thrissur, Kerala, he works in the logistics department of a company.


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