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With the summer travel season about to kick off business travelers and vacationers alike will be jockeying for the best deals on airfares. Thankfully, solving the puzzle of getting the cheapest flights isn’t as difficult as you might think. You only need to know a few insider tricks and tips to find the best airfares and then you’ll be off to the land of affordable flight bookings.

The Inside Scoop on How Airlines Price Flights

Read on to discover the best ways – the genuine insider tips – on how airlines price their flights and how you can take advantage of their methodology. If you travel often this is information you need to know.

The Cheap Flights are Waiting if you Know Where and When to Look

While most airlines use complex AI programs to set prices these days almost all of them still behave in predictable ways. As such if you know the score you can take advantage of their predictability. For instance:

  • Most announce fare sales on Monday nights (EST) – As such Tuesday morning is typically the best time to shop for bargains whether you’re flying United or SA Airlines.
  • Most will reveal how full a flight is – If you find a fare you’re interested in try and reserve a seat. A schematic will come up showing you which seats are already taken. If you can see the flight is virtually empty hold off and see if the price drops over the following weeks.
  • Airlines are social too – Keep an eye on airline social media pages. Sometimes they’ll announce a special fare on Facebook for a short time before withdrawing it. So follow SA airlines if you want cheap flights to South Africa for example.
  • Discount airlines create cheap flights – When discount airlines populate an air corridor they tend to drive down costs on all flights along that route. Do a bit of research and stick with the air routes frequented by the Southwests of the world to find the cheapest flight on all carriers.

The Optimal Time to Buy

Industry research indicates that the optimal time to secure the cheapest flights is approximately 6 weeks prior to flying. And that is an industry wide average not just for cheap flights to LA or discount flights to Rome. Industry experts agree that if the price looks good 6 weeks out, snag it.

The High Season Exception

Many locations experience surges in tourist numbers at different times of the year. For instance Europe in the summer and Thailand during the winter months. If you are planning to fly to a destination during high season it’s best to book your flight well in advance. Industry experts suggest 3 months. Also don’t fly on the weekends. Book your flight for mid-week to mid-week if at all possible. You’ll save a bundle regardless of the time of year.

Finding the cheapest flights isn’t as hard as you think if you keep the above tips and tricks in mind. Bon voyage!

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