For travelers taking to the rails this summer during their time off, Amtrak Vacations is offering tips and tricks for tourists who want to capture their adventure through photographs.

Traveling throughout North America can be an unforgettable trip, and capturing the surroundings seen from the comfort of a train car can make the memories last forever.

Amtrak’s first piece of advice is to research the scenery passengers will witness as they travel from their departure city to the destination. Many routes feature incredible views on both sides of the train, and riders should be aware of the rivers, mountains, landmarks, waterfalls, wildlife and other scenic points of interest along the way.

Some of the routes with the best views include the Sunset Limited, Empire Builder, Coast Starlight, California Zephyr and Southwest Chief.

For travelers who are looking for an iconic picture of a train rounding the corner, traveling through a tunnel or the tracks behind the train, Amtrak suggests sitting toward the back of the train or simply walking to the rear when the photo opportunity presents itself.

As for avoiding the glare from the train car windows, officials suggest putting the lens of the camera close to the glass without touching it, blocking ambient light and snapping the photos on the side of the train with the sun behind you.

In addition, Amtrak suggests travelers find great subjects and local people for their pictures (with their permission), keep the camera stabilized and get off the train when it stops to capture the best possible images.


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