Who and where • From left: Bill and Donna Gaffin of Wildwood, Rita and Mike Fitzjarrell of Manchester, and Bonnie and Gerry Callahan of Nashville, Tenn. (formerly Wildwood) at the Gentleman from Paris statue in Havana, Cuba. You rub the statue for good luck.

The trip • The couples traveled to Cuba on a people-to-people guided tour of parks and cities in Cuba.

Travel tip • No U.S. currency or credit cards are accepted; use Canadian dollars or Euros that you get before the trip.

Contribute • Email your photo to stlpost@gmail.com. Include the full names of everyone in the photo, including where they are from and where you are standing in the photo. Also include your address and phone number. Please also tell us a little about the trip and a travel tip. We’re looking for interesting, well-composed, well-lighted photos.

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