Amy Iler and JJ Gordon always have great ideas – especially when it comes to making their lives easier. In this podcast of “Dear Amazon” the hosts of It Takes Two suggest that add a luggage delivery service to their numerous offerings.

In a world where luggage costs are sky rocketing ($150 to check my three bags…WHAT?!?!) so maybe could help out. They are already renting out huge amounts of space on planes to deliver packages, so does it make sense that they would offer Prime subscribers the ability to ship their luggage directly to a destination to save some money?

And that’s not all. Amy and JJ also have some other travel related ideas that could put some ease on travelers while also providing new revenue sources to current businesses.

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(Amy Iler & JJ Gordon are talk-show hosts at 790 AM KFGO in Fargo-Moorhead. “It Takes 2 with Amy & JJ” can be heard weekdays 11am-2pm. Follow Amy on Twitter @AmyKFGO. Follow JJ on Twitter @JJGodon701.)


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