Far Cry 5 is a massive open world game, after completing Resistance you will get access to the map where you can play the way you want. There are three main regions ruled by three different bosses. You have to build up resistance points to defeat them and finally head to the main target. If you had just started playing the game you can refer the Beginners Tips in this guide.

Far Cry 5 Best Beginners Tips

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Get Guns On Hire: It is necessary to get allies as soon as possible in the game. Guns on Hire will be unlocked as you keep progressing in the game and you will meet allies with their unique abilities. Like a pilot, a good hunter, etc. Three friends, you must look for is Peaches, Grace Armstrong, and Nick Rye. Peaches are the bear that can ambush and tear up enemies, it is also best for distracting. Grace is a good sniper while Nick Rye can shoot down a horde of enemies through this plane. You can find Grace at Lamb of God Church and Nick at Rye & Sons Aviation.

Increase Your Weapon Slots: At the start of a game you are only allowed to carry 2 weapons, one is the main weapon which can be a rifle or a shotgun and second is a sidearm which can be a pistol. You can unlock an additional weapon slot through a perk. By paying 8 points you can increase your weapon capacity to 3, so you can add sniper rifle or assault rifle. There is also a perk that will unlock the fourth space, where you can keep rocket launcher or a grenade launcher or a machine gun. But you can get that later in the game.

Play Side Missions For Cash: Money is required to upgrade weapons, buy new items, in the game. And at the start, you won’t be getting much. But there is a way where you can gather a decent amount of money. You can start playing the side missions. The money earned by completed the mission can be used for buying new weapons, weapon attachments, special ammo, consumable, collectibles maps, etc. So having a good amount of cash is a necessary part of Far Cry 5. Keep finding up new side missions in the game and play them first before heading to the main story.

Important Perks: Once you have enough cash in your pocket you must activate a few perks as early as possible. These perks will help you a lot in various missions in Far Cry 5.  One of the perks you must have soon is Grapple, it will help you to climb on the steep areas, on radio towers, etc. To double your loot while harvesting plants and animals get Harvest Master. Leadership perk will unlock a feature where you can take two Guns of Hire instead of one. Take Parachute also, because if you had plans to perform air drop then you can die instantly. Making perk points is necessary as by unlocking new Perks you can do things faster in the game. For example, if you unlock Health Boost 1 and 2, you can get up to 200% more health. This means you won’t die soon. There are many perks that are very beneficial at the start. There are many challenges in Far Cry 5 like Hunting, Fishing, etc that give you reward in the form of perk points. You can later use them for upgrades.

Hunting/Fishing: Hunting and Fishing are two major activities in Far Cry 5 that can give you some serious cash. By hunting, you get animal skins that can be sold off to traders. The same can be done with Fishing. There are various spots in Far Cry 5 where you can spot animals. Boomer is the best dog when it comes to hunting, he can mark down animals around and you can kill them. Far Cry has 16 Animals with their different  Hunting Locations. In the same way, there are 12 Fishing Locations.

Fighter Jet: There are different ways to travel in Far Cry 5, one using a helicopter or a plane. There are two places where you can get them for free after getting the full map. At Green-Busch Fertilizer Co, on the south of Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, you can get a chopper. The second location is Grand View Hotel where you can get a seaplane. Both are free and you can pick up them up once you are able to get the full maps. For a Fighter Jet go to Lansdowne Airstrip. You have to enter from the roof. This airport is located in the north-eastern part of Whitetail Mountains.

Raptor Peak Cash Stash: Go to the top of the peak, and you will find the stash of money. You can collect the money and also hunt down Bison’s on the peak slopes. You can get $200 for each Bison Skin. It is one of the best early locations you can visit.

Sky Diving: You can save your time a lot by unlocking the AirDrop Perk. This perk will put in the sky whenever you use a fast travel point, and you can dive straight into the waypoint. Before using this you will need to unlock Parachute and Wingsuit perk that will cost 5 per points for both. While in the air you can switch from parachute to wingsuit and cover bigger distances pretty easily.

Enable Car on Auto-Pilot: Many times in the game you will be inside a car and shooting down enemies n your path. There is an auto-drive mode available by turning this on you just have to steer and the car will follow the waypoint. Just add a mark on the map and start driving, whatever vehicle you are in will auto-drive to the location, you can then use your hands to shoot down the cultist who are blocking your path.

Ubisoft Club: Before start playing checkout Ubisoft Club once, there is a reward section where you can instantly get some fresh items for free. Using Club units you can also buy out new items. So it is a good idea to go through the section once a while.

Fast Travel Points: Blue icons on the map are the fast travel points, that will allow you to move faster from one place to another. Also if you had unlocked Airdrop perk you will land in mid-air and with the help of Parachute and Wing-suite perk you can glide towards your landing spot.

Cult Properties: Destroy cult properties called Silos to get resistance points. So if you spot any travel towards the place and destroy it. The more you get rid of them more resistances points you will make and weaker the cultist in the region.

Prepper Stashes: There are certain places where you get eat prepper stashes, these are jackpots. You get a huge amount of cash with many useful items in one single time. You can learn about these stashes through NPC’s in the game, so try talking with everyone you encounter.

Weapons Buying: Once you have enough money in your pocket look for a weapon dealer in the game. You can buy some really powerful weapons from them. Don’t buy common weapons you can get them by looting dead enemies, go for something you don’t have. There is a unique type of weapons available with various attachments to upgrade their strength. In the same way, you can also purchase vehicles.

Stealth Mode Brings Extra Bonus: In many mission, you will see on the top left of the screen if you play the objective without raising an alarm you can earn an extra bonus. So this is one good thing to practice, there are many ways you can take down enemies quietly. Keep a crossbow or a sniper rifle with you. Crossbows are good because they won’t make a sound. If you are using a weapon then add a silencer on it. Mark down all enemies location before entering, there are certain perks that can help you in stealth mode. Like Silent Sprint that will make your movement quieter, Spirit will reduce your noise levels and Instinct where you get better on using Bow and Arrow. If you are going to a specialist then go with a good one like Jess Black.

Following the above beginner’s tips, you can do a lot in Far Cry 5, you can read the full game walkthrough or get more tips and tricks on the game through our Far Cry 5 Wiki guide.

Source: Steam


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