Most Singaporeans remember Science Centre Singapore (SCS) as a place they once visited during a school trip as students. For Indonesians, it is relatively unheard of compared to the glitzy, Instagrammable ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay.

Since its opening in 1977, SCS has consistently promoted science and technology, especially among youths. One exhibit, KidsSTOP, is intended toward younger audiences as young as 18 months.

Now upgraded with visually attractive, interactive and immersive exhibitions, the center hopes to rekindle the love for science in adults too.

However, little do people know that SCS offers more than just educational tours. Here are five top things to do in SCS:

1. Get lost in the mirror maze

Get lost in the Science Centre Singapore mirror maze, the largest of its kind in Asia.Get lost in the Science Centre Singapore mirror maze, the largest of its kind in Asia. (JP/Devina Heriyanto)

Avid readers of the Discworld series must recognize the influence of Sir Terry Pratchett in the Professor Crackitt’s Light Fantastic exhibit, which bears the same name as Pratchett’s book The Light Fantastic. Designed as a laboratory of a mad scientist and its parrot, the exhibit focuses on the science of light. There are many small rooms, each showcasing different light tricks from moving kaleidoscope to disappearing thing. This being a science center, visitors can look at the explanation behind the trick.

Surely, the highlight of the exhibit is the mirror maze with its enchanting colorful lights, dubbed as the largest in Asia. Each visitor should take a cushioned stick to avoid hitting the mirror (hey it happens, and it hurts). Beware as the maze is harder than it looks.

​​​​​​2. Know and conquer your fear

Phobia2: The Science of Fear is the brainy version of a haunted house.Phobia2: The Science of Fear is the brainy version of a haunted house. (JP/Devina Heriyanto)

The newest exhibition in SCS is called Phobia2: The Science of Fear, slated to run on April 13. Phobia2 aims to explain the scientific reason behind our fears, from the fear of snakes and clowns, to public speaking. Visitors can understand their fears and try to conquer them in an interactive way. For instance, a microphone and a screen simulate a room full of people for those who wish to shed their public speaking phobia.

Consider this as a brainier alternative to a haunted house, since the visual and sound design can be terrifying to some people – especially those with phobias.

Despite its scary look, SCS CEO Lim Tit Meng revealed that a couple had taken their pre-wedding photos at the exhibit.

3. Experience snow, all year long

A child playing in Snow City, Science Centre Singapore.A child playing in Snow City, Science Centre Singapore. (Science Centre Singapore/File)

If snow does not fall at the equator, why not make it happen? Snow City in SCS provides snow all year long for those who have never experienced the weather phenomenon.

The place is decorated with ever-changing mascots, has an adequate playground for the little ones, and snow slide for all ages. For the thrill-seekers, Snow City has an ice cliff to upgrade your wall climbing experience.

Wear your own winter clothing when visiting Snow City, although complimentary jackets, gloves and boots will be provided upon request. 

4. Have a dialogue with time

Dialogue with Time is a product of SCS’s cooperation with Singapore’s Ministry of Health. Visitors can learn about the science behind aging; what happens to our body as we grow old and how aging affects not only the body but also our brain and nervous system.

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What sets Dialogue with Time apart from other basic science exhibits is the fully guided tour that turns an otherwise bland learning experience into a very personal and sobering one. Each tour is led by a guide. The guides are retired citizens, aged 65 to 85, who now work on a part-time basis at SCS.

5. Journey into space

Sit tight and buckle up inside the Omni Theatre, as the larger-than-life IMAX screen transports you into another dimension. Prepared to be awed as the 8k dome theater presents an immersive experience, each show lasting for 35 to 40 minutes. When The Jakarta Post visited the theater, the show was titled Aurora: The Lights of Wonder, a documentary on the northern lights shot with ultra-high sensitivity cameras.

There is a free stargazing session every Friday evening, so long as the sky is clear. During the rare Super Blue Blood Moon earlier this year, thousands of people gathered at SCS’s space observatory to watch the phenomenon together. (kes)


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