Having your flight delayed can be a disaster- especially if there are meetings or tours planned at your destination. Lately, many airlines have been having “technical issues” with their airplanes, which has caused unnecessary delays for travellers. Whether it’s an hour or 5-hour delay, being upset is not going to make matters better.

Fortunately, the airport is a hub of activity- with lounges, restaurants and shopping outlets to keep you occupied during the delay. Here are some ideas to pass your time:

Carry a book

While travelling to an exotic destination sounds fun, turning the pages of a book, filled with rich storylines, is bound to keep you entertained through the delays. Travellers should always carry a book with them in their hand luggage. It not only comes in handy for those unexpected delays, but also a good escape on a flight, especially if you trying to avoid conversation with your fellow passenger.

Get a lounge pass

For those travellers who want to experience some down time and pampering, then time at a lounge is recommended. Most airport lounges offer showering facilities, massages, light meals, beverages, newspapers and free Wi-Fi.

Do some window shopping

The airport has some fascinating shops that are unique to that particular country. While you may not want to splurge at the airport- doing a little window shopping to pass your time never hurt anyone.  

Have a meal

Airports have done a superb job to revolutionise the food experiences they offer. While there are many fast food eateries, once in a while travellers end up finding a gem of a restaurant. If you are not the type to walk around the airport to search for them, try viewing the airport’s website online. Whether its pre-flight cocktails or a hearty burger you crave, the website will steer you in the right direction.

Start a conversation

There are many interesting people one can meet at the airport . If you brave enough, why not start a conversation with your fellow traveller at the gatehouse (waiting area at the airport where travellers sit before their flight). You would be surprised at the people you will meet and their stories.


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