Great news PS4 fans, the H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta is finally here. The H1Z1 PS4 open beta is currently live for all PS4 users, bringing with it a handful of tweaks when compared to the PC version. It is set to run indefinitely, with regular updates slowly optimizing the game until it releases fully later this year. In this H1Z1 PS4 guide we’ll be walking you through the key differences, as well as some of the best ways to get started in the game. In our H1Z1 PS4 beginner’s guide, we’ll go over basic controls, as well as the best starting weapons to use.

H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta – Do You Need PS Plus?

H1Z1 is being offered as a free to play title on PS4. The Open Beta can be downloaded from the PlayStation store. Despite it being an online multiplayer experience, H1Z1 actually does not require a PS Plus subscription to play. There are some bonuses for PS Plus players though. Subscribers can download the PlayStation Plus Pack which includes the following cosmetic items:

  • Nemesis Tactical Body Armor
  • Nemesis Explorer backpack
  • Shimmy Emote

H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta – When Can you Play Duos?

The H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta comes with a handful of modes to play through. There’s Solo, Duos, Fives and Combat training to choose from when you start the game up, but you’ll notice that Duos is greyed out and unavailable to select. This is because Duos is currently not part of the H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta. The mode is set to be added to the game very soon though, with a blog post by developer Daybreak explaining that Duos will be added at some point during the first week of the Open Beta.

H1Z1 PS4 – Differences to PC Version

H1Z1 on PS4 is a very different experience to its PC counterpart. The team at Daybreak has changed key aspects of the gameplay to better suit a console version of the battle royale game. We’ve gathered together all of the H1Z1 PS4 differences to the PC version.

  • Duos are currently not available, though are set to be added later down the line.
  • Only main Battle Royale Mode available (no Auto Royale etc).
  • Player does not pick starting location. Instead, players are dropped randomly on the map.
  • Faster, more action-focused gameplay.
  • Increased weapon spawns.
  • No inventory, instead, weapons are selected from a weapon wheel, and throwables auto-assigned to respective hotkey.
  • High-level weapons predominantly found in ammo crates.
  • Increased vehicle spawns.
  • Faster moving gas.
  • More air supply drops.
  • No revive option in Duos and Fives.
  • Vehicles do not require car keys and can be started without hot-wiring.
  • Players cannot vault over obstacles.

H1Z1 PS4 Guide

You can find our complete list of H1Z1 PS4 guides below which cover everything from the game’s controls, to details on the game’s many vehicles.

H1Z1 PS4 Beginner’s Guide

H1Z1, like any battle royale game, can be a little overwhelming at first. Which is why we’ve gathered together everything you need to know when starting H1Z1 PS4, and to give you the edge over even the most veteran of players.

First off, let’s take a look at the basic breakdown of a standard game in H1Z1 PS4. Upon loading the game up, you’ll be given the option to play one of three modes (Duos mode is currently unavailable, and will arrive at some point in the future): Solo, Fives and Combat Training. Solo is your standard solo battle royale experience. Fives teams you up in a squad of five players, and Combat Training drops you into a small portion of the game map with a few other players, and serves as the game’s training mode.

It’s Combat Training you are going to want to start with, as it will give you a feel for how the game runs, and how looting works. You’ll be dropped into a map with other players, don’t worry though, as you’ll quickly respawn if killed. Use this mode to practise looting, swapping out weapons and shooting, as this will all prepare you for the main game. There are only a handful of weapons available to you when looting, so pick up each one and work out how it handles. You should also check out the map icons and what each one means for the type of loot you might find there. You’ll also want to get acquainted with the game’s vehicles, as they are a crucial component of H1Z1 PS4. For full details on how details work in the game, check out our H1Z1 PS4 Vehicles Guide. Once you’ve got the hang of movement, and aiming, head into a Solo game.

Every Solo game starts with the player being randomly dropped onto the map. You’ll be parachuting at first, so aim to land for a spot near some buildings so you can grab a weapon quickly. Shortly after landing, a safe zone will appear. In H1Z1 PS4, players must stay within a safe zone, in order to avoid an ever-shrinking circle of gas. The poison gas is represented by a green fog, and the boundaries a solid green line. You’ll be warned of when you need to move to avoid the gas. If you get caught in the gas, don’t worry too much as it will chip away at your health fairly slowly early on in the game.

The rest of the game should be spent looting in order to get better gear. You’ll only be able to find standard weapons out in the wild though, so will have to chase down supply drops marked on the map to get better weapons and armor. There are vehicles scattered throughout the map, which you can use to travel towards safe zones more quickly. Try to gather some high level armor, a shotgun, an assault rifle, and as many first aid kits, bandages and grenades as you can hold.

From there it’s just a case of eliminating other players until you are the last one standing. This takes some serious skill so don’t be put off if you’re dying early on in each match at first. Concentrate on landing as many kills as you can, and get used to the aiming and shooting mechanics. If you need to familiarise yourself with any of the game’s controls, read on for our H1Z1 PS4 Controls Guide.

H1Z1 PS4 Beta Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics, it’s time to start aiming for your first big win. That’s why we’ve pulled together some tips, tricks and strategies based on our experience with H1Z1 PS4. It includes suggestions for the best weapons, vehicles and armor to use, as well as some ways to make taking down enemies a lot easier.Here’s our H1Z1 PS4 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks Guide.

  • Don’t Over Loot – Given that there are very few weapons and armor types in H1Z1 PS4, don’t waste time looting players for extra gear. Once you have an assault rifle, and a good set of armor, keep moving after a kill, as stopping to loot can be incredibly dangerous.
  • Nitrous Boost – Every vehicle is equipped with a boost option, which can be used to move faster across the map. Just hit L1 while driving and you’ll gain a bit of extra speed.
  • Take on Every Fight Early On – During your first few hours with the game, take the opportunity to practise combat. Be aggressive, and take on every player you come across. It’s the only way you’ll get used to the stress that comes with taking on an opponent, so be bold, and take on every fight that comes your way.
  • Aim Straight Down When Parachuting – At the start of each game, you’ll want to hit the ground as quickly as you can. This gives you the jump on other players in your area, as you’ll be the first to any loot. When parachuting, aim the camera down towards the ground. This will increase your speed and ensure you’re the first to the ground every time.
  • Sensitivity – Just like with any shooter, you should be exploring the sensitivity options hidden in the menus. We recommend setting it to half speed, then increasing or decreasing from there. The default is a little sluggish, so don’t be afraid to crank it up a bit.
  • Combat Training – H1Z1 PS4 features a Combat Training mode which allows players to test their skills against a handful of players across a small section of the map. Use this mode early on to get to grips with the way weapons and grenades feel, and take advantage of the respawn options available to you.
  • Exit Vehicles to Land Kills Quickly – If you’ve been playing PUBG, you might be a little reserved when it comes to bailing out of vehicles at high speed. In H1Z1, for now at least, there is no damage for exiting a vehicle. At the moment, due to latency issues, it can be incredibly hard to run someone down, so your best bet is to exit, then shoot at your opponent.
  • Cancel Grenade Throw – It’s annoyingly easy to accidentally pull out a Molotov cocktail when you don’t want to. In these situations, just hit L1 to cancel your throw.
  • Purple Icons – Try to resist visiting every single loot spot you can see on your map. Instead, use the icons to work out exactly what kind of loot you need to prioritize.
  • Airdrops – In H1Z1 PS4, airdrops are both ridiculously plentiful and entirely worth your time. The best gear like the AR-15 and AK-47 assault rifles can only be found in dropped military crates, so you’ll definitely need to visit at least one each game if you’re serious about winning.
  • Bandages Heal – Don’t underestimate the humble bandage. It can be used to restore small portions of health in a pinch, and stems bleeding. They are particularly useful for when you find yourself inside the gas area, as they can buy you some extra time to keep on moving.
  • Run Faster – While out in the field, you’ll likely come across combat boots. While definitely being a step-up from your default footwear in terms of looks, they also allow you to run faster.

H1Z1 – When is the H1Z1 Full Release Date

H1Z1 PS4 is currently in open beta, giving players a slice of the full game. Only battle royale is available at the moment, though there are plans to add more to the game in the future. H1Z1 is planned to get a full PS4 release later this year, though will see regular updates in the meantime.

That’s everything from our H1Z1 PS4 Beginner’s guide, but there’s plenty more tips and tricks for the game for you to check out. We’ll be adding more and more info as we play more of the game, so stay tuned for more on H1Z1 PS4 updates.

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