The TAPintoTravels Staff woke up with pleasant gifts from our non-celebrant colleagues wishing us a happy Easter.

The first gift is a much needed day off.  Then, travel toys for us to enjoy on our day off.

These gifts inspired us with so many tips and travel tips, that we had to share them, before we can go back to sleep.  

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We know that we should be in Mass, church, or something celebrating the Big Guy’s ability to rise on a Sunday.  Before you judge, we can still make it up in the evening. Or even online, like this example.

On to the tips and travel tips:

  1. get plenty of rest before anything else (we are all exhausted from 3 days of NY Auto Show coverage)
  2. take plenty of fluids and bottles to hold them (consider reusable containers like our silicon clad glass or mini thermals)
  3. take a hat – sunburn can ruin a trip
  4. take a extra small, durable bag to port gifts, dirty laundry, beach stuff, etc.
  5. take an extra thumb drive to back-up photos, articles, videos…memories!
  6. take a sewing and shoe shine kit along – it never hurts to look good
  7. bring gifts – most cultures enjoy gift giving
  8. take compact snacks – you may get hungry
  9. never forget that there is a world out there

We tend to pick our travel gear very selectively. With the new baggage restrictions making it harder and harder, we like to pack lite.

Everything should be small, compact, reusable, and, in a pinch, something you can give away.  Sharing with fellow travelers is always appreciated.  Unique used items are often enjoyed by travel friends.  Or you could always donate them.  Just try to make the place that you visit look the same for the next guy.  That is just good travel etiquette.

So, whether you visited the Holy Land or went next store to see grandma, we love that you traveled there.  We hope our tips and travel tips were a gift to you.  We loved ours.  Well, except for the kosher pancakes and sausage.  No offense, but that may have been worse than vegan food.

Oh! Please check out our New York Auto Show coverage.  We are exhausted from pulling it together for you.  So, TAP here to read it.  And, check out all the linked articles.  There is great things for you kids to do there and those articles explain the activities (plus accompanying videos).

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