It’s a question that I’m sure has snuck into every photographer’s mind, even outside of the landscape and travel genre. It’s something I’ve personally been thinking deeply about, so much so, that I’m working on my own personal original article regarding this topic.

Landscape Photographer Mark Denney said his piece on this issue, and he’s shared it with everyone to mull over. A little over eight years ago, both the Internet (social media) and photography world could be seen as ancient to what they are today. Facebook was just beginning to gain momentum, Twitter was new, Ritz Camera still had brick-and-mortar stores, Best Buy didn’t even carry a full selection of camera gear yet, and Instagram was just a twinkle on the horizon. But what transpired over those first years of Instagram began to change landscape and travel photography forever. Denney breaks it down into two simple parties: those who think Instagram was good for landscape photography and those who think it has been negative for photography. Somewhere in-between lies the answer. While we can distribute our photos more easily than ever, with 95 million photos posted every day, it’s difficult to be noticed or stand out, particularly when everyone’s shooting the same thing.

So, what side of the spectrum do you stand on? Is it good for photography? Bad? Or does it lie somewhere in-between? One thing is for sure: it’s not changing anytime soon.


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