Hotels are either loved or hated by holidaymakers.

With buffet breakfasts and room service, they are a treat for any holiday, yet can also be a stressful experience.

Making sure to pack everything that is needed is just one of the parts of going abroad.

One travel expert has revealed how to make use of one item in the hotel bedroom in the case of an emergency.

Travel Channel star Samantha Brown explained to Bloomberg how the hotel room can be utilised in all sorts of ways.

She stated: “I discovered how useful an ironing board could be when I was travelling with kids and there was no room for their colouring [books], so I brought it out and lowered it to their height. 

“It’s also a ton more counter space if the room has none. 

“I like to stand up when I work, and it’s a great stand-up desk.”

Brown even said it could be used as a table, as more hotel rooms are cutting corners and removing desks from them.

She revealed: “You can put it in front of your bed and have a meal on it if there’s no place to eat and watch TV.”

On the topic of eating, she also revealed why ordering a child’s option from room service actually makes sense money wise.

She was told by a 10-year-old at the Ritz Carlton to order off the child’s menu as “they give you the exact same portions of spaghetti bolognese with meatballs [as on the adult menu], but you’re paying half the cost.”.

Other tips and tricks in the hospitality industry have revealed how some guests get out of paying their minibar bill.

It is known for being one of the most disputed costs when checking out.

An ex-hotel worker revealed how the front desk is likely to remove the charges easily to avoid further problems.

Any guests thinking of trying it out for themselves should be wary as some hotels have ways of tracking items being removed.


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