These tips and tricks will make your life much easier in the kitchen and save you a lot of time and effort.

Having trouble with grilled fish sticking to the grill? Make a bed of lemon slices of medium thickness on the grill under the fish, to prevent it from sticking to the grill and falling apart. The fish will also have a lovely flavour from the lemon.

The easiest way to peel fresh ginger is to use the edge of a teaspoon to peel fresh ginger instead of a knife. The skin comes off a lot easier and hardly any effort is needed to remove the skin in the crevices.
Cleaning fresh fruit and vegetables with vinegar can be expensive and leaves an unpleasant after taste.

Mix one litre of previously boiled, cooled water mixed with four tablespoons fresh lemon juice and four tablespoons bicarbonate of soda. Stir or shake well.

Wash the vegetables and fruit well in tap water to remove any dust and dirt. When clean, rinse them in half the lemon solution and then do a final rinse in the rest of the solution.

Having trouble squeezing hard oranges or lemons? Just roll them back and forth on a table while applying pressure with your palm before cutting and squeezing them, to get as much juice as possible.

To keep fruit juice chilled without diluting it with ice cubes, make ice cube using the fruit juice instead of water.
This way when they are added to the juice and melt, it will not be diluted.

Over- salted the stew? Just peel a couple of potatoes and cook them in the stew. The potatoes will absorb the salt.
Make your own travel cup by filling the cup with whatever beverage you are taking.

Stretch cling film over the top and stick it into place. Sharpen a straw by cutting one end at a slant and push it through the centre of the cling film. Drink without any fear of spills.

To clean inside a microwave oven, heat about ½ litre water with lemon wedges for two minutes. Switch it off and wipe down the insides with a clean cloth. The lemon will leave it smelling nice and fresh.


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