The “Mexico, a world of its own” photo exhibition runs until Oct. 12 in Seoul. It displays 21 winning images, including this grand-prize-winning “Un amigo que encontre en mar” (translated as “A friend I found at sea”) (Cozumel, 2018) by Kim Se-il, a university student. / Courtesy of Embassy of Mexico

By Yi Whan-woo

The Embassy of Mexico in Korea — with the Mexico Tourism Board, the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation, Aeromexico and The Korea Times — is hosting a photo exhibition, “Mexico, a world of its own,” until Oct. 12.

The exhibition, the first of its kind, displays 21 winning images from a photo contest the embassy held from May to July for students, professors and other members of faculty at Korean universities.

It is at the embassy on the 17th floor of the Twin Tree Tower, Tower B, in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

The embassy organized the contest, also called “Mexico, a world of its own,” to share the travel experiences of Korean students and teachers in Mexico, and to help increase social, educational and cultural interaction between the two countries.

“The university photography competition and this exhibition are aimed precisely at offering a platform to meet and disseminate the experiences of Korean visitors, and at the same time to promote the consolidation and extension of education exchanges between our countries,” Mexican Ambassador to Korea Bruno Figueroa Fischer said during the exhibition’s opening ceremony on Sept. 12.

“I hope this is the first of many editions of the university competition and that, with your support, we will continue to improve and increase the cooperation and friendship that exists between our countries.”

The embassy received over 150 entries for the contest, with each contestant submitting up to three photos. The ambassador said they “exceeded our expectations.”

Kim Se-il, a student, won the grand prize with “Un amigo que encontre en mar” (translated as “A friend I found at sea”).

It shows Kim diving next to a turtle under the Caribbean Sea during his visit to the resort island of Cozumel.

As prizes, he won a Seoul-Cancun roundtrip ticket from Aeromexico, Mexico’s flag carrier, and a five-night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun.

Four successful contestants had their two photos selected for the exhibition.

They were Kim Se-il (“Un amigo que encontre en mar,” “Buscando la playa escondida”), Kim Jun-nyeon (“Playa del Carmen,” “Ciudad de Mexico”), Yang Jayen (“Dia de muertos,” “Tradiciones prehispanicas”) and Suh Min-gyo (“Fiesta de matrimonio en Oaxaca,” “Cruz, humano”).

According to the embassy, Mexico was the world’s seventh-most- visited country in 2017 with 39 million international tourists.

The number of Korean travelers to Mexico is expected to surpass 100,000 this year.

The embassy deems Aeromexico’s direct flights between Seoul and Mexico City since July 2017 critical to meeting the goal.

Park Jong-keun: Preparacion de alimentos de la abuela (Colima, 2017)
Kang Jae-hyun: La Libertad (Ciudad de Mexico, 2018)
Lee Gina: Cenote Nicte-ha (Nicte-ha, 2017)
Jung Yeon-wook: El mundo antiguo olvidado, se convierte en uno (Teotihuacan, 2018)
Kim Jeong-hwan: Dia de muertos (Janitzio, 2017)
Kim Ga-hee: Olor de Mexico – Soy profesional taquero! Que rico! (Ciudad de México, 2016)
Ko Do-yeon: Puebla Centro (Puebla, 2018)
Gu Hannah: Guanajuato (Coba, 2017)
Kang Hye-jin: Baile tradicional mexicano ( Guanajuato, 2017)
Ma A-rang: Ik Kil Cenote (Yucatan, 2017)
Kang Min-ji: Una mexicana muy tradicional con las flores (Oaxaca, 2017)
Kim Dong-hak: Lady (Ciudad de Mexico, 2017)
Kim Yun-ha; Catedral y cielo (Guanajuato, 2018)


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