National Geographic’s annual photography competition reveals a number of stunning images from around the globe.

The Travel Photographer of the Year has three categories; Nature, People and Cities.

Nature was previously revealed with some beautiful shots that showed the strength of the natural world when it comes to land and sea.

The most recent images as part of the People category have been revealed in the latest images.

It also comes with a prize of $10,000 (£7,300) for whoever wins.

They will also have their image posted on the National Geographic Instagram account and earn the prestigious title.

The prize money is much more than the other two categories, which only offer $2,500 (£1,800) each.

Some of the best images involving the people and the stories have recently been revealed.

Tribute to Marylin, Tihomir Trichkov

US-photographer took the shot of the actors who were filming on a film set.

Taken in India, the piece was captured just as a breeze blew up their outfits.

He explained: “A sudden breeze took me straight to a different time, a completely different movie set, a hundred or so years later, well famed for a single, white dress”.

This was how he came up with the name of his piece.

Flying Above It All, Peyton Sickles

Peyton Sickles, from the US, captured the unusual shot in Oahu.

The image shows children swimming in the glass-bottomed pool that hung over the edge of the building.

Whilst terrifying, the infinity pool is one that is popular with high-class hotels.

He later explained: “One day while adventuring in Oahu, I looked up to find two kids flying!

“The moment I directed my camera at them, they became so excited that they began making faces and flashing peace signs.

“A moment that made the worries of the world dissipate, and all that remained was a pristine point in time.”

Devotee Stunt With Sword, Mahesh Lonkar

Whilst on a trip to India, the photographer spotted the very strong red image.

Located in the ‘Veer’ village near Maharashtra, it shows the Shri Nath Mhaskoba temple.

The photograph shows the annual festival that people from the village attend every year.

With dancing and red colours thrown into the air, they celebrate God’s Marriage ceremony.


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