A new travel consulting group, Wander Miami, is offering a service where it puts visitors to the city in touch with local experts to create sightseeing itineraries tailored to the visitors’ interests. After a 30-minute phone conversation, the local expert will curate an itinerary for a self-guided, day-to-day visit to the area. This service costs $20 per day of travel curated.

CEO Connie Lee said leisure travelers to Miami “want to know what’s the most romantic sunrise spot, where to find the freshest croquetas, when is the best time to hit that trendy happy hour, and how to navigate parking and traffic like you live here.”

Wander Miami’s team of local experts consider a visitors’ preferred pace of travel, group size and reason for visiting to create an itinerary that helps travelers have an authentic experience.

The service also offers themed one-day packages such as the Airport Layover, Miami Food Tour, Cruise Extension. Three-day itineraries are based on upcoming city events such as the Miami Jazz Festival and Memorial Day weekend.
The company is happy to work with travel agents on behalf of their clients.

“I don’t have an on-site or [destination management consultant] in Miami, so this could be an interesting partnership to assist clients who want more on-the-ground support while they’re visiting the area,” said Lauren LaCour, a travel agent with Departure Lounge.


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