WHEN Yannick Bauer is out delivering pizzas, there’s something else not far from his focus.

The Langwarrin man, 21, is an aspiring photographer and landscapes are his passion.

Bauer was initially prodded by his mother, Dianne, to give modelling a go, but found he was more interested in being on the other side of the camera.

“It wasn’t really my thing, but the photography I had an interest in,” he said.

“After that I decided to buy a camera and started to shoot pictures.”

Bauer grew up in Switzerland before migrating to Australia and said he was naturally drawn to landscapes.

An exhibition of his works titled ‘North to South Passage’ captures his connection to both Switzerland and Australia.

The photographs are a mixture of Australia’s beaches and Europe’s amazing mountainscapes and architectural buildings.

Bauer said he regularly thought about various photographic shoots, even when he was delivering pizzas.

His aim is to ultimately work as a travel photographer.

See Bauer’s artworks on exhibition at Frankston Arts Centre until August 4.

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