Actress Shay Mitchell has over 19 million Instagram followers, so it was only natural that fans would pick up on a travel photo that seems to be taken from Google, rather than by Mitchell. 

Despite regularly featuring in wanderlust-worthy travel snaps from all over the world, a photo that appeared on the Pretty Little Liars star’s Instagram Story raised questions. 

Over the weekend, Mitchell shared a photo of Hong Kong’s historic Monster Building with the caption ‘Night views,’ however, StyleCaster noticed the snap contained the Pinterest ‘save’ button on the top right, which lead them to believe the photo had been sourced online. 

A quick Google confirmed that the photo originally appeared on a travel post by photography company Canon. 

The above in no way means Mitchell fakes all of her Instagram photos – she’s in most of them and definitely travels to these amazing places – it’s likely she just wanted to show fans the iconic building at night and wasn’t there to take the photo herself. 


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