Posted: Jun. 9, 2018 10:20 pm Updated: Jun. 9, 2018 10:26 pm

QUINCY — The photo-lined walls of Pat Rischar’s home are a testament to the countless hours the Quincy resident has spent honing her craft.

Rischar has taken, printed and framed 90 photos — everything from penguins and icebergs to solar eclipses and the aurora borealis — all of which were framed in the same fashion and hung with care. There is a sunset room, an iceberg bathroom and several other theme rooms in her home.

The amateur photographer was recently published in an issue of National Wildlife. Rischar received an honorable mention when she submitted her photo of a lion’s head camouflaged in the weeds — taken during her 2015 trip to Africa — to a contest the magazine was holding. The photo also was published with an article called “In Plain Sight,” which discusses the camouflage abilities of different animals, in the magazine’s most recent issue.

“Thousands of people enter this contest each year,” Rischar said. “I’m so honored. The competition is very tough in that magazine.”

A trip to Europe when she was 16 sparked Rischar’s passion for photography and travel. She was among 100 American students selected to travel to 12 European countries and the Soviet Union in an effort to foster more international understanding. Her uncle let her borrow his camera for the trip.

She purchased her first camera, a completely manual Minolta SR-T 101, when she was in her 20s. 

“Photography has helped me to appreciate the beauty in nature,” she said. “It makes me stop, take and breath and relax.”

Many of Rischar’s photos have come from her overseas trips, which have taken her to some of the most isolated reaches of the globe. She has visited every continent except Asia, but she has a trip to China and Japan slated for this fall. 

She has snapped photos from the Amazon rainforest and Victoria Falls, from Antarctica and Hawaii, from Australia and New Zealand. A retired geography teacher — she taught at Quincy Junior High School for 34 years — she always found joy in being able to teach her students about a part of the globe before showing them a photo she personally took.

“I love color and how light interacts with it,” she said. “God’s creation is so beautiful that I just want to capture it and display it in my home.”

Every photo hanging from her walls is framed in the same way — a large white border separates the photo and the thin black frame. Each photo is labeled on the back with at least some basic details about the subject matter and the camera settings used to get the shot. She can’t begin to estimate how much time she has spent perfecting the decorations in her home. 

“I am so fortunate to have been able to see so much of the beauty on earth,” she said. “Nature brings me peace, and if I can’t be all these places, I want photos of them around me.”


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