Sandie Lampe from Pet Patrol visited the studio with a few tricks and tips for travelling safely with your furry companion.

Traveling with your pet can be a great or miserable experience. To make it a pleasant one the first thing you must know are the airlines rules for traveling with your pet. Also know your hotel’s requirements. Some require that pets be crated when no one is with them in the room. Service animals have different requirements than pets as well.

When booking your ticket, be sure to inform the airline you will be traveling with your pet as many airlines limit the number of pets on a flight. If you plan on having your pet with you in the cabin be sure your pet’s carry case can fit under the seat in front of you. A soft case works best. There may be a weight or size limit.

When traveling in the USA you will need a travel certificate showing that your pet is up to date on their vaccinations. Your veterinarian can provide you with the document. However, if you are travel outside the United States you will need to have your veterinarian fill out papers which they will send to the Department of Agriculture in Los Angeles this is because your pet is considered live stock. This must be done within a week to ten days of your flight. Be sure to list all countries you will visit not just where you land. Also, be sure to know each country’s rule for your pet. For example, some require a muzzle when using public transportation.

When you arrive in a foreign country you may be required to go on a special customs line. You may also need to pay a fee, so be sure to have local currencies, with you.

When you pack your items remember to pack all of your pet’s, especially food as you may not be able to get the brand your pet is use to eating. Also bring along their favorite toy, blanket, etc.
San Diego has a doggy station after security but not all do, so be sure to allow your pet to relieve themselves as close to check in as possible. Bring piddle pads for those longer trips.

Try to get nonstop flights however, if you have a connecting flight or a layover ask if there is a pet relief station at that airport.

The rules for traveling with pets are constantly changing, so keep yourself informed of the latest requirements.

Bill & Eleanor are seasoned travelers, and so is their dog Gitmo. He loves people and tolerates other dogs. Gitmo loves to take car rides and travel in his case. He has traveled to Las Vegas, Florida, New York, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Austria. This year he will visit New Orleans.


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