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Marcus Voloshin is a self-taught Kelowna freelance photographer who graduated from UBCO in 2015 with a B.Sc in Medical Biochemistry. His most recent commercial projects had him working with Bean Around The World and NexOptic Technology Corp. He loves to travel and share his experiences with others through photography.

Why do you use Instagram?

Instagram is my main platform for sharing images. I enjoy its simplicity, popularity, and connecting with other photographers. I have met up with many photographers over Instagram and its amazing how much you can learn from them. I love being able to share my trips and experiences with others who are lookingto travel since seeing pictures on Instagram helped me plan my Europe trip back in 2015.

What will people see on your feed?

My Instagram feed is an assortment of landscapes, long exposures, astrophotography, and travel photography. If I were to narrow it down to one thing I enjoy shooting most it would be nature. The majority of my photos are of mountains, lakes, the northern lights, insects, and city skylines.

Does your page have a specific style?

My style of photography has changed a lot over the past 3 years. I have developed my own style when it comes to editing, but I feel it is still slowly changing. What I look for in my photos is balance, which means having an equal exposure between a bright sky and a dark foreground because that is how our eyes see it. I want my images to reflect my experience and feelings when capturing a moment.

Favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

Some of my all-time favourite accounts to follow are soft_vision, @hellobc (because BC is the best!), @gramslayers, @moodygrams, and @agameoftones.

Why do you follow KelownaNow?

I’m all about supporting local people and businesses and that’s exactly what they do. They have been a huge support for me and my photography and have featured many of my photos on their page and in their newsletter, which I have been very grateful for.

How do you decide on your location for shoots?

Most of my locations are unplanned and discovered while adventuring. Sometimes those spontaneous shots turn out to be the best, so I always try to have my camera ready. Whenever I’m hiking I always keep a mental note of good viewpoints to come back to shoot a time-lapse or catch a sunset.

Biggest Instagram moment?

Two months ago I got contacted by the editor of Absolute Okanagan Magazine asking to use my northern lights picture from Knox Mountain as their front cover. I forgot about it until New Years Eve when my parents sent me a photo of the magazine on display in the main lobby of The Cove in West Kelowna. I had no idea the magazine was out already, so I was pretty excited to see it for the first time.

Favourite hashtags?

A few of my favourite hashtags when I’m shooting around home are #hellobc #explorebc #kelownanow #explorekelowna #kelownaviews #exploreokanagan

Other great ones to check out: #agameoftones #justgoshoot #visualsoflife #exploretocreate

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