When shopping for lenses, you may notice that certain lenses are classified or even recommended for a certain genre of photography. You might see sports, travel, wedding, or even wildlife as the typical use of some lenses. What if you are looking to get into or already shoot food photography, what lenses should you be looking at?

Coming from Skyler Burt over at We Eat Together, Burt shares four lenses that he recommends for anyone looking to get into food photography. Do you need to get all four lenses? While Burt may carry these in his camera bag, you do not need to get all four. Burt goes through each lens along with why it’s one of his recommended lenses and how he uses it. If you have been shooting for some time and shoot in other genres like portraits, there’s a good chance you may already own one of these lenses. The first one is the Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro lens, which is a great lens and is recommended in many circles for portraits and other genres. Even though Burt uses Canon camera and lenses, he focuses his list to lenses that are great across the board no matter what camera system you use. Check out the video for the other lenses that he recommends.

What is your favorite lens for food photography and why?


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