Family travel used to be focused on that core nucleus of parents and their immediate offspring. In my case, it amounted to a trek in a station wagon—with six of us—to Chicago and an airport hotel. The “vacation” amounted to swimming in the hotel’s two pools, and visiting family and friends in my hometown.

These vacations, however, are probably why I fell in love with the travel industry and have visited upward of 80 countries. The challenge is keeping track, something I gave up on a few years ago.

Keeping track of families, as they extend to multiple generations and multiple states and locales, can also be daunting. That’s why you should look for tools that will help you succeed in planning vacations for these ever-growing, groups. These tools can include software solutions, websites, marketing platforms and more.

Interestingly, new vehicles and solutions are always just around the corner. One tried-and-true option created by my team—Agent Studio, our website and marketing solution—features an integrated Marketing Center and Automated Social Media tool with built-in analytics and engagement follow-up capabilities to help effortlessly maximize your marketing initiatives. For more on how Agent Studio can help you significantly boost your family and multigenerational sales, turn to page 12.

One place where I’m seeing a lot of ideas and insights being shared among travel agents is in the Agent Studio Community, which launched this past January. In roughly five weeks of marketing it, we already have had over 1,000 members sharing their insights and asking for answers when it comes to identifying and implementing marketing solutions. The community is open to Agent Studio site owners, as well as anyone interested in the marketing solutions available to agents today.

It’s fun to serve as one of the Agent Studio Community’s hosts and listen to the collective wisdom that is shared and hear about how travel advisors are overcoming challenges. In the case of planning family/group travel, agents in the community have shared ideas, debated solutions and moved their business forward as a result. I’ve personally picked up ideas that we are currently evaluating for our Agent Studio platform.

Join in on the conversation by visiting and clicking on the top right Community link in our navigation panel. You will undoubtedly come away with a renewed enthusiasm for your business, and the marketing programs and tools that will elevate it to new heights.


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