There’s probably nothing better than traveling to far-off places with your camera in tow, capturing the beauty and essence of each location with every snap you take. Photography and travel seem to go seamlessly together, as pictures not only document your time in a certain location for future memories, but also tell the story of your travels, the people you meet along the way, and your experiences.

Travel should always be at the top of your “to do” list each year if you’re a photographer, and for 2018, you should make it your goal to visit a few of these top photographic locations to sharpen your photography skills and immerse yourself in each region’s beauty:

1. Cedar Mesa, Utah

Photo by Bob Wick/Flickr

If you want to capture the great outdoors in all of its glory, Cedar Mesa, UT, is where you should head. There are tons of famous rock formations to photograph like the famous Pueblo ruins that’ll make you want to shoot from sun up to sun down. It’s pretty rugged, so if you don’t mind getting dirty, it’s the perfect spot to up the ante on your landscape photography skills.

2. Chugach State Park, Alaska

Chugach State Park, Alaska
Photo by Paxson Woelber/Flickr

Anywhere in Alaska would make a beautiful trip, but if you want spectacular pictures unlike anything you’ve ever snapped, then it’s Chugach State Park you should visit. Located right at the outskirts of Anchorage, you’ll get breathtaking views of animals, greenery, and loads of scenic mountain pictures that’ll make your work worthy of postcards.

3. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy
Photo by heipei/Flickr

All of Italy is beautiful and each region has their own unique aspects that are great for photographers. One in particular is Tuscany. It’s one the most beautiful landscapes in the world, which means you’ll be able to capture some amazing images while partaking in the friendly culture, delicious food, and lots of vino!

4. Mt. Fuji, Japan

Mt. Fuji, Japan
Photo by Reginald Pentinio/Flickr

Japan is equally a great place to visit for your photography skills (and just in general), so if you ever make it there head for Mt. Fuji. Time your visit for the spring, when there are loads of cherry blossoms that give you spectacular vistas. Catching them at their peak will be even more special.

5. Paris, France

Paris, France
Photo by Tommie Hansen/Flickr

They don’t call it the City of Lights for nothing. The popular tourist city has beauty everywhere you turn. From the architecture to its gardens, Paris is a photographer’s dream, which is why you should visit the city at least once in your lifetime to snap some extraordinary pictures. It’s also a great place to practice your portraits since lovers from all across the globe visit Paris to capture some of its amour.

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, UAE
Photo by Joi Ito/Flickr

Looking at the modern city through your lens will captivate you. Its architecture is phenomenal, making it a great compositional playground for photographers who specialize in this niche. 

7. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan
Photo by Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Capturing history at its purest is what you’ll get in Petra, Jordan. The land is filled with ancient treasures (like this Wonder of the World) that’ll make you feel as if you’re Indiana Jones on a photography adventure. 

8. Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece
Photo by Pedro Szekely/Flickr

The island in the southern Aegean Sea is one of the most photographed regions on Earth, which is why you should plan a visit there. Not only can you capture its rich Greek history, but the island also boasts some of the most romantic and vibrant sunsets on Earth. The beaches are pristine and its people are friendly and photogenic, allowing you to capture probably the best photos in your portfolio. Simply put, Santorini is magical and you’re bound to capture that magic through your lens.

9. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy
Photo by Sam valadi/Flickr

Remember how we said that all of Italy is beautiful? Well, Rome is just as picturesque as Tuscany thanks to its ancient ruins and modern marvels that simultaneously converge for its citizens and your camera. The historical architecture is fascinating while its cultural heritage is on full display everywhere you snap. Even after several trips to Rome, you’ll still come back with different photos of subjects you have already snapped because the city is so full of photogenic places and people that you’ll never grow old of the subject.

10. Tekapo, New Zealand

Tekapo, New Zealand
Photo by Bernard Spragg. NZ/Flickr

Ever since the Lord of the Rings movies came out, tourists have flocked to New Zealand to see where their favorite film was filmed. But it also offers photographers amazing sights. From lush, green landscapes, to menacing mountains, and more, Tekapo, New Zealand is a mystical place perfect for photographers. But if you want to photograph space, the Milky Way, and the stars, Lake Tekapo is perfect since it’s an area that’s protected as part of the dark sky reserve. 

Ben Addy

Ben Addy is the founder of Take More Adventures. You can follow him on Instagram @takemoreadventures, on Twitter @tmafeed, and 


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