BUCHA: Master kombucha brewer Reid Emmerich’s new kombuchery, Root Wild Kombuchery, specializes in kombucha (duh). Plus, they’ve partnered with the owners of Lone Pine Brewing, one of the fastest growing breweries in Maine, to add cool craft beers to their offerings.

BEER: If you haven’t had enough of the fermented stuff already, head over to one of the MANY Maine brewery’s that have taken root in town. Better yet: Take a ride on the Maine Brew Bus. Oxbow Brewery, Bissell Brothers, Lone Pine Brewery, Allagash, and Maine Beer Company in Freeport are just a few spots that top my list.

SPIRITS: For a classic cocktail and a cool vibe, head over to Portland Hunt and Alpine Club. Cozy up to the bar and order the refreshing Lavender Collins made with lavender-caraway, lemon, and grenadine, followed by the ever-changing daily punch. When late-nite hunger strikes, choose something from the snacks menu—perhaps the house made soft pretzels and the popcorn sprinkled with green chile powder, butter, and parm?

Make sure to pencil in a stop at Blyth and Burrows, often I.D’d as one of the best cocktail bars in Maine. Their vintage-inspired bar is influenced by the region’s maritime history and their name pays tribute to two captains who captured the HMS Boxer off the coast of Maine in 1813. Order The High Priestess, with pineapple-chamomile pisco, pamplemousse, and lemon, or the innovative Walrus & The Carpenter, made with gin, kelp & oyster shell dry vermouth, and aquavit.


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