When flying, everyone wants an upgrade, right?

Well, according to new data, some people would actually prefer to join the mile high club!

Which we’re sure is easier in a First Class Emirates Suite than it is in a tiny economy seat. Just sayin’.

New research from finder.com.au surveyed over 2000 people, and has found that when it comes to their number one flying ambition, almost one in four (23 per cent) Aussies would like to fly first class. But can you blame them? First class is getting better and better (and more expensive) over time – which means flying first class is a bucket list item for more people than ever.

Second on the list is the thrill of a free upgrade, with 17 per cent of Aussies holding out for their chance to be bumped up at no extra cost. 

Hot on the heels of a free upgrade is flying business class, appealing to one in ten Aussies. Seven per cent of Aussies would love to be able to nab a free seat purely on points while a cheeky five per cent are keen on joining the mile high club. 

Angus Kidman, Travel Expert at finder.com.au, said Aussies have high hopes when it comes to air travel. 

“It’s not just about getting from A to B for some people, it’s about the journey – a luxurious one at that,” he said.

“Flying first class is a real status symbol and something a quarter of Aussies aspire to. But luxury flying doesn’t come cheap, so it’s no surprise that a flight paid for by points is high up on the list.”

When it comes to earning frequent flyer points, Kidman said there are many tips and tricks Aussies can use to up their game. 

“It’s possible to earn points from all kinds of everyday spending, from booking accommodation to signing up for a new mobile plan,” he says.

“Signing up for a credit card with a solid bonus offer will give your points total a big boost.”

To score yourself a seat in business class, join a frequent flyer program, fly off-peak or download apps – Seatfrog allows users to bid for discounted first or business class seats if they become available prior to departure.

And if all that fails, dress well at the airport and ask nicely! You might even get bumped up to First Class.


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