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June 18, 2018

If you’re one of those people who dreams of summer sunshine all year long, the midnight sun is nature’s gift you won’t want to miss. 

The natural phenomenon brings extended hours of sunshine to certain destinations across the globe this time of year. In some locations at or above the Arctic Circle, the sun will even stay in the sky for 24 hours.

Since Earth is tilted on its axis at a 23.5-degree angle relative to its orbital plane around the sun, the amount of sunshine different locations receive changes throughout the year as our planet rotates.

Between April and September, the Northern Hemisphere tilts towards the sun, and the Southern Hemisphere tilts away. For this reason, the Northern Hemisphere experiences its summer in the months of June, July, and August.

The North and South Poles experience the most extreme contrasts, getting six months of continuous sun and six months of total darkness, with locations closest to the poles seeing the most drastic changes in weather between the summer and winter seasons. The peak of the midnight sun typically falls on the summer solstice, which takes place on Thursday, June 21 in 2018.

Below are locations you can head to if you want to experience the magic of the midnight sun for yourself. 


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